Thompson Welding and Custom Fabrication delivered big time Memorial Day weekend! With a pressing deadline, the customer received these clips and they were 2” short. With no time to make new ones, we re-purposed the old clips and modified the sides by adding a 2” strip. It was critical to get full penetration welds on these clips, they were supporting over 1” thick glass panels which could possibly way a few thousand lbs! So with over 40 hrs in a 3 days span, we went to the grind and got the job done by Monday! A total of 24 clips, cut, welded, and blended to a point you can never tell it was there!


We are currently working on a job for Appalachian Harley Davidson making 1000 stainless steel inspection tags! Parts are cut on the CNC TABLE and thrown in the tumbler for deburring process,

Example of stainless inspection tags

Thompson’s Welding and Custom Fabrication has been recently working with Gettysburg Alive to build and fabricate a 14ft tall Abraham Lincoln hat that will be used to celebrate NYE in the town of Gettysburg! This will be all lit up and raised before the fireworks to ring in 2023! Below are some of the photos of the fabrication that took place this month!

half the brim coming together! total brim is 10ft wide
middle sections being mocked up together
mocking up brim and first section of hat!
well there it is! just needs to be lit up ( numbers will be added on later)